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Convenience in BI: Integrate and Embed Apps

There is one thing I know about people and that is that they like things to be simple and easy. If your favorite shopping area is a mile from your house, you won’t drive an extra five miles to get to that great store on the outskirts of town. You might drop by if you happen to be in the nei

Dyslexia Software New Generation - Ghotit Real Writer & Reader 4 for Windows

1888 PressRelease - Ghotit Real Writer and Reader 4 uses advanced writing and reading assistance technology tailor-made for people with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and other learning disabilities.   Ghotit Real Writer and Reader 4 takes Ghotit spelling, grammar and punctuation algo

Stanford student raised nearly $500,000 dollars on Kickstarter

1888 PressRelease - A Stanford student raised nearly $500,000 dollars on Kickstarter after a product launch on Feb. 25, 2015.   Palo Alto, CA - Stanford student raised nearly $500,000 dollars after just a week of product launch on Kickstarter. His product Sesame - the world's

CourseAvenue announces Vision-Studio: Integrated eLearning authoring solution for high consequence training environments

1888 Press Release - VISION-Studio brings an integrated eLearning development platform to companies applying a systematic approach to training (SAT), commonly found in high consequence training environments. VISON-Studio extends the VISION Developer product to directly build and associated learni

Sesame smart lock most popular tech project on Kickstarter

1888 Press Release - Sesame, the world's first instant smart lock, was featured the most popular technology project by Kickstarter.   Sesame, a smart lock that allows users to control their door with a smartphone app, has become the most popular technology project on Kickstar

Know Why and How to Migrate Emails from Lotus Notes To Outlook 2010

In the present arena, both Lotus Notes and Outlook has emerged as powerful email clients. Both of them are applications used for emailing, tracking important events and dates and to be in contact with the people. However, due to some advanced features of Outlook, people migrate from Lotus Notes t

Export Mail from Lotus Notes to Outlook 2010 – Necessity and Techniques

No one in this technological era could deny the importance of emails. As we have advanced in our challenging careers and more responsibilities have been assigned to us we definitely want an easy and effective way to manage our mails. It is a feature which is common in all the email clients whethe

To 5 Digital Publishing Tools for Publishing Online Magazines

There are many digital magazine publishing tools on the market, which one you are using currently? Publishers are always seeking for the best digital publishing software in order to create the best digital editions for the global or

Simplifying your work

Have you ever heard of a fantastic and 100% competent company called Law Firm Software? For those of you who do not know, this represents a wonderful supplier of estate planning software, export form software or bankruptcy software. You need to bear in mind that it can definitely help you out tre

Some Reasons to Import Lotus Notes Emails to Outlook

Craving needs of MS Outlook forces lots of users to import Lotus Notes emails to Outlook, thus we have provided a guide to know about what could the exact reasons for migration and what is the accurate procedure to migrate data from Lotus Notes email client to MS Outlook.Just like MS

Prospects while Migrating from Lotus to Outlook Platform

Conversion from IBM Lotus Notes to MS Outlook is a big decision and the reason behind such migration is that the organizations want to keep the communication cost economical. During migration, the major challenge involves conversion of large databases from one platform to another while saving the

Reasons why you shouldn't buy child an iPad

In general, parents buy an iPad for children mainly out of the following two reasons: let children early contact high-tech; let children not disturb you watching TV. But according to iYogi's survey, only 33 percent of American parents are willing to buy their children iPad, in other words, two-th

Streamlined Process of Migration NSF to PST Optimally

In to this competitive world, everyone engaged in technical arena is running towards those services or applications that are unbeatable.Let’s talk about email clients; recently a survey conducted amongst IT users indicates that MS Outlook is a standalone application which is in use by almos

Learn Why and How to Transfer Lotus Notes Archive to Outlook

Lotus Notes desktop mail client users sometimes face many such adverse situations and scenarios during its usage as a result of which they feel the necessity to transfer Lotus Notes archive to Outlook, an another popular email client. This article is the right page that will surely assist to cate

Advantages of Network Topology Discovery

What is in your company's network? In what offices, floors, or buildings all the equipment is situated? What devices are connected to routers and switches? All these questions do not seem as just curiosity when it comes to documenting all the network, especially if it consists of dozens or even h
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