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Don't Get Trumped

1888PressRelease - Finding Woo co-founders Beth Brennan and Geri Suster discuss how to remain positive in a negative political climate.SAN DIEGO - Throughout this seemingly interminable political season, there have been no shortage of things to fight about. While the election is an im

Rolling Stones' Shocking Snub of Trump Prompts Indie Country Star to Respond

(1888 PressRelease) After learning the Rolling' Stones asked Donald Trump to not play any of their music at his campaign events, Indie country star Luanne Hunt offers the candidate an original tune to use, free of charge. The song is titled "The Last of the Brave Ones" and Hunt says it is a fitti

Reality Realty Virginia Heroes Hosts Aug. 15 Potomac Nationals Military Appreciation Night

1888 PressRelease - Sergeant Slaughter, WWE Hall of Fame Wrestling ICON will meet and greet PNAT's fans on Aug. 15 2015. Military and their families enjoy the evening free of charge. Student Veterans of America, Heroes Media Group, and Battlefield Resumes, which work tirelessly to serve our natio

Military Services Boot Camp Spots

In some cases audio is existing, like bagpipes, upon request. Other occasions, "Taps" is performed by means of bugle or recording all through the closing salute. In 1862, bugler Oliver Wilcox Norton relayed participating in his rendition of this emotional tune, "The tunes was gorgeous on that nevert

Be Aware In Order To Avoid Automobile Accidents

The one thing that many folks never think about is getting into a car accident. Every single minute you will find a car accident taking place anywhere in the world. Generally people don't even think too much about it, until it happens to a person who they know, and then it becomes personal. A car ac

There Are Different Causes Of Acne And On This Page We Will Be Discussing Them

For many folks, trying to stick to a diet and lose weight is something which they have loads of difficulty doing by themselves. Many individuals wind up needing motivation to be able to lose weight, and that's why the popularity of programs like Weight Watchers continues to grow. But even if folks d

Sometimes Internet Marketing Stinks...

(Note: This is the letter I sent out to my subscribers just a few minutes ago. I normally don't publish those letters here, but I wanted you---if you aren't a subscriber---to get a taste of what I send out. If you like it,

End the ObamaNation: Don't Let Communism Interpret Your Constitution

Don't Let the Constitution of the US Fall Before the ObamaNation of Communism -- Although some scholars may be capable of adding interpretations to the Constitution of the United States of America, most common people can only write about what they read. To the scholars, politicians, and other lea

Go Public Direct & Avoid Reverse Merger & Public Shell Company Risks

Copyright (c) 2012 Hamilton & Associates Securites LawyersTraditionally, private companies become publicly traded by going public in a direct or underwritten offering by filing a registration statement under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. Another method for private companies to go

Roxy Productions – Elegant Event Planning Company Miami

Audio visual rentals Miami for any business can be a valuable tool. Whether you are appearing to present a business plan or a presentation, using audio and video displays can assist you get your message across efficiently.

United States Agency for International Development will cease all Activities in Russia

  The government of Russia has recently ordered USAID i.e. United States Agency for International Development for ceasing their activities in Russia. This is because the agency of United States had attempted to bring severe adverse affect over the course of political procedures in Ru

How To Design Election Lawn Signage

Contenders of various offices or perhaps positions purchase political election lawn signs to generate consciousness and get spotted. Once voters are moving on the block and discover a politician's title, they immediately build curiosity and also this reaction can result in a positive outcome of t

History of Psychological Warfare: Asymmetric Warfare and Fourth Generation Warfare

Asymmetric WarfareAsymmetric warfare has become the 21st Century buzzword that ironically describes many of the 20th Century conflicts. It is best understood by comparing even older practices of aligning forces along battle fronts -- a somewhat symmetrical arrangement -- compared to conflict

History of Psychological Warfare: United States

Operation Desert Storm offers a good example of combined psychological warfare tactics as part of a unified strategy. Even as late a date as the early 1990s airdropped leaflets still proved effective psychological tools. Rank and file Iraqi soldiers given the opportunity surrendered en masse, clu

The History of Psychological Warfare

This is the first entry for a general review of the advance of various pscychological warfare techniques throughout history. Not intended to be all inclusive, it touches on some prominent points of divergence setting psychological warfare strategies and tactics apart as a military discipline of i
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