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Carbon Monoxide Sensor Placement Height - Where to Mount a Carbon Monoxide Detector

A properly situated carbon monoxide sensor   locationing height sounds an alarm when the gas builds up. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that annually about 170 American residents die due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Improperly used or mechanically faulty heaters, furnaces, fireplaces and portable generators are the most common culprits.


A carbon monoxide detector measures the presence of carbon monoxide (CO) in a home's air. When the device detects the increasing presence of CO in its vicinity, it will sound a loud alarm.


The sound alerts sleeping or otherwise occupied residents of the increasing CO levels. Before the buildup reaches dangerous levels in the breathable air, they have the chance to exit the home and call for help.


The detector should be installed in the immediate vicinity of sleeping quarters with a proper carbon monoxide detector placement height. Choose a hallway wall right outside each bedroom or, if bedrooms are close together, one alarm will suffice. Remember that the detector must be able to measure the CO content of the air. Placing it out of sight behind a curtain or a piece of furniture diminishes its effectiveness. The same occurs when installing it close to a heating vent.


The actual carbon monoxide detector placement height on the hallway wall is hotly debated. Some suggest placing it near the ceiling -- much like a smoke alarm -- while others favor a location closer to the floor. Recent studies show that the density of air and CO is similar -- the gas is only 3 percent lighter than breathable air -- and, therefore, carbon monoxide detector placement height near either the floor or the ceiling is appropriate.

Areas to Avoid

Do not do carbon monoxide detector placement height within fifteen feet of heating or cooking appliances, as they may emit a small amount of carbon monoxide upon start-up. Also avoid humid areas, such as bathrooms.


CO detectors provide protection against accidental carbon monoxide poisoning not only in homes and public places, but also in mobile homes, boats and recreational vehicles. Consider the installation of an alarm wherever there is a power generator or combustion engine in operation.

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