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If you live in the Chicago area and really love healthy and filling snacks Jimmy John’s is definitely a name you would have heard before. Not only do the sandwiches that come from Jimmy John’s healthy and filling they are also very cheap. You could get served an 8-inch sandwiches for a measly price of $1 between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. on a Thursday which is day dedicated for customer appreciation. This is not so every day and there is a variation in Jimmy John’s prices for sandwiches. Customers usually have to pay $4.89 for 8-inch sandwiches on other days.

For those who don’t know yet Jimmy John’s is one of the leading chain groups that are famous and have been branded for the ability to deliver to satisfaction. The special offer to buy sandwiches for $1 is strictly limited to the time frame of 11am to 3pm and it is also limited to a sandwich per person. The offer has been noted to be very good for in-store purchase only. The tradition to observe Thursdays as Customer Appreciation Day started on Thursday June 9 at some select outlets that included the 104th and Federal in Federal Heights as well as the 96th and Washington in Thornton.

Jimmy John’s sandwiches concept which is acclaimed as one of the best in its categories had a very humble beginning. It was founded by James J. Liautaud in Charleston, Illinois in 1983. At the beginning he made use of old equipments, one meat slicer, a refrigerator, an oven and a freezer. At this time, he was only able to offer only four sandwich varieties with a 25-cent soft drink to go with it although today the business has expanded way beyond this and there are many sandwich varieties from which customers can choose from. Jimmy John’s prices for his sandwiches changed along the way as there were other products and services that were included for the maximum enjoyment of people. Liautaud soon discovered that he could profit more from his business if he incorporated some other elements into it. He soon added delivery service, menu boards, tables, outdoor signs and also included an expanded menu. After about ten years after Jimmy John’s was launched, several other stores were opened and then the founder Liautaud had a prototype developed before franchising it out. Sandwiches ordered from Jimmy John’s are made fresh and delivered in 30 seconds. Breads are baked every day an all Jimmy John’s franchises in order to be able to meet up with the demands of customers as well as to be able to meet up with the standard of delivering sandwiches that are fresh.

There are many people with business acumen that have toyed with the idea of benefiting from engaging in a franchise with Jimmy John’s. Considering Jimmy John’s prices and the amount of investment you will make, you can rest assured you are definitely going to make a fortune in next to no time. There is a built-in name recognition that will get your business up and running with minimal effort from you. In order words, half of the advertisement you would need to do for any business has already been done for you. With the huge profit margin that is available, you will be able to rake in good money within a short space of time. If you love gourmet sandwiches, you can be sure that there will be other people who just like you would love to pay good money for them. You then have a wonderful opportunity presented to you to buy a Jimmy John’s franchise and make good money easily.

If you are already decided on having a Jimmy John’s franchise too but do not know the right steps to take, I will like to point the right direction to you. By going to the official website of Jimmy John’s, you will see the franchise link. If you click on this, you will see a page where you can learn all about what it takes to be a part of the franchise. If you are alright with Jimmy John’s prices and conditions, there are three components of the brand that the company likes to promote and these are “simple,” “honest” and “make it happen” which you would be introduced to. In some other franchises, it is possible that you find exclusionary tactics but this is not included in what you will see here in Jimmy John’s franchise as you are allowed the opportunity to look into ways you can expand the brand on your own.

Just like in any business endeavor, you don’t have to make any hasty decisions. You should carefully consider the start-up costs of this business. You will have to pay to get the brand name and also use some money to start up your business. Jimmy John’s prices may appear steep to you but if you carefully consider how long and how easily you can recoup your investment, you will surely conclude it is a business worth having.

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