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SomeWeird Wedding Dresses

Weird Wedding Dresses

As part of my photoblog overhaul I’m going to introduce regular features. Rather than just showcasing my own work I want to incorporate other things like features on wedding suppliers (caterers, planners, florists etc). Another regular feature I’m going to run is Weird Wedding Wednesday. Every Wednesday I will post something that I think is Weird, Quirky, Original and Interesting(wedding related, obviously!!) If you have seen anything that could fit the bill please drop me an emailand I’ll try my best to add it in.

On my rounds this week I came across a hilarious post by Odd and Funny Stuff with weird wedding dresses, some of these are just brilliant, i think my fav’s have to be the Cream Puff dress & Chocolate Cress, i’m not sure how long they would late through.

Here is what they said on weird wedding dresses

“Wedding day is a day when all the eyes are set on the bride and every woman wants to look her best while walking down the aisle. Right? But there are many ladieswho want to experiment with their bridal dresses on that very day. And for such adventurous fashionistas our designers have all the strangeoutfits like the condoms gowns, body painted attires and chocolate dresses. Scroll down to have a look at some of the weird wedding dresses.

Condom Wedding Dress

As weird wedding dresses go this is weird one! Yes, can you imagine wearing thousands of used condoms on your wedding day? Isn’t it gross? Well, some people do want it.

Flag wedding dress

Weird wedding dresses or just rank?

You are a real patriot and you love your country. Agreed! But does that mean that you will ruin, what is supposed to be the most beautiful day of your life? How can anyone even thing of wearing her country’s flag as a wedding dress!

Fur Colored Wedding Dress

Well, I really like colors in the bridal outfits. But this Fur Wedding Gown by Ornella Meneguzzo is pointless. Imagine a girl wearing a short frock with fur and diamonds while walking down the aisle. Fugly!

War Style Wedding Dress

I really don’t find this happening at all! The war style print on your wedding dress, which girl will like to wear something like this.

Sheer Leggings Wedding Dress

Bridal outfits are supposed to be beautiful with laces, nets etc. But this one from the Pam Hogg 2010 Autumn/Winter collection is gross! Yes, it is looking more like a futuristic dress.
Body Painted Wedding Dress


This kind of a wedding dress is perfect for those with sexy bodies. But then also, why not a beautiful gown and why will anyone want to paint their bodies in that form. Confused!
Paper Wedding Dress

This one is quite dangerous. No? What if you accidentally walk past a flame and your dress catches fire? It will leave you embarrassed to the core.

Octopus Wedding Dress

This kind of a Dress will make you look fishy! Yes, the Octopus shaped dress is gross, a design which no bride will like to wear until and unless she is very adventurous.

Garbage Wedding Dress


The idea behind this gown is awesome but to wear such a piece to your wedding is just not happening! Made from thousands of plastic bags, this dress will not at all make you look fashionable.
Peacock Feathers Wedding Dress

White gowns and flowing dresses are something that makes a wedding all the more beautiful. This peacock dress doesn’t fit the ambiance.

Balloon Wedding Dress

A prick and you are gone! Yes, these balloon wedding gowns will make you stand naked on your wedding day if the air comes out.

Rubber Wedding Dress

Made from 1400 rubber gloves, this outfit is giving a very gross look. Will you want to wear something like this?

Parachute Wedding Dress

A dress made out of a parachute? Well, the idea behind this gown was very sentimental but wearing it on the wedding day was quite weird.

Cream Puff Wedding Dress

Made of 1,500 cream puffs and weighing 20 pounds, this bridal outfit is something very strange. I wonder how Viktoriya pulled it off.

Goth Wedding Dress

Weddings are supposed to be pure and white is the color. But if you are a practicing Goth and want your style to be Gothic, then these black gowns with black veils will be your dress of the day. I find these attires really weird.

Longest Train Wedding Dress

Brides love to have long trains behind their wedding dresses. But will you ever want to have a train as big as this one?

Chocolate Wedding Dress

It’s yummy! But wearing it to your wedding may prove to be a thing to worry. What if the guests start eating you?

Hello Kitty Wedding Dress

This one is very kiddish! Will you ever wear hello kitty designs on your bridal attire. Well, I find it a choice of the underage fashionistas.

Duct Tape Wedding Dress

This can be called as a sticky wedding. The bride in a dress made of duct tape! It is very-very weird. Is it appealing you?

Corpse Wedding Dress

Wedding gowns are worn on a day that marks the beginning of a new life. And wearing the corpse designs on a pure day like this is actually gross.

Boxing Gloves Wedding Dress

Vivienne Westwood calls it sporty bridal dress and I call it useless. Imagine a bride wearing this gown in the church. Shit!”

Thanks to Odd and funny stuff for there entertaining post on weird wedding dresses.


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