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Solar Landscape Lighting – Magnifies The Beauty Of Your Garden

Landscape Lighting

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Solar Landscape Lighting – Magnifies The Beauty Of Your Garden

Solar landscape lights utilize tiny photo voltaic cells in order to charge their batteries that are built into the fixture. Such batteries need to be exposed to the sun the whole day to be fully charged; this provides the power that will illuminate the solar landscape lights when night time comes. They come in various styles as many manufacturers now produce them. However, most are built in sturdy materials to pass well in durability and overall quality tests.

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It should be emphasized that to benefit optimally from solar landscape lighting, areas where trees, buildings and other tall structures that are prone to producing shadows and casting them down on the lights should be avoided. It is ideal for the lights to be position on open areas where continuous sun shine can be received. Therefore, if you have a garden that is full of trees, placing your outdoor solar lights on it might not really work to your full advantage.

On the other hand, if you have an open space for a garden, without the tall structures that will cast shadows down your lights, then you are a good candidate for solar landscape lighting. Full exposure to the sunlight will be received by the batteries and so you lights will be able to provide illumination for about 8 hours to a maximum of 10 hours. Usually summer is the time with full exposure to sunlight happens and so you can expect all-night illumination from your solar lights. However, this in not the case in the winter, and so be contented with the amount of time that the lights are on; it all depends on the limited sun exposure during wintertime.

Again, never place solar landscape lighting under structures and shades as most models that manufacturers produced have the

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photovoltaic cells incorporated into the gadget itself. Because of this the lights should never be placed under bushes like most of us are tempted to do but instead on open spaces. However, there are model that have their solar panels or cells separated from the lights. This allows the lights to be placed on the shades – it simply allows more flexibility. One downside of this model is that you have to deal with the cords that link the cells to the lights. It calls for extra work as you need to hide the cords down the dirt of your garden.

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Styles Of Solar Landscape Lighting


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Most avid gardeners also play a strong part in the “green” movement. They grow some of their own foods, find methods for saving or conserving water and implement all kinds of strategies for using their plants, trees and shrubs in the most effective ways possible. They also create nurturing environments for many local creatures such as birds, insects and bees.

Many gardeners also prefer a more natural overall look to their yards and gardens and find that they prefer to use the gentle glow and electricity-free solar landscape light fixtures available. Of course in this modern era such fixtures are available in an enormous variety of styles and materials, including brass and brushed pewter as well as the traditional black cast iron styles.

It is remarkable to consider the number of designs that can be used in both formal and informal gardening and lawn areas. There are post fixtures of all heights and designs, “bollard” lights that give a truly unique look to a drive or path, hanging fixtures that provide a beautiful glow along with the style of on old-fashioned lantern and the very familiar “tiered” styles that look much like the earliest and most original exterior solar lights, but with far better design and features.

When considering any installation of solar landscape lighting it is important to remember that a true lighting design scheme is possible through the strict use of solar fixtures. Paths can be totally illuminated, shrubs or specimens can be featured with a spotlight, doorways or entrances can receive a constant supply of ample lighting through posts or hanging fixtures and all kinds of accents or effects can be created with solar landscape fixtures.

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Let’s examine a very “basic” yard and garden outfitted with solar lighting. The small drive in front of the garage can feature bollard lighting on both sides to allow a driver to easily determine the width and length of the parking area. The walkway leading through the yard can have several tiered features that are in the same Arts and Crafts style as the exterior of the home (a few of them outfitted with spot lights for several beautiful plantings and to brightly light the stairs leading up to the front door). This same yard might also use some fixtures by a back gate, for security reasons, or even a few decorative hanging lanterns along a darker part of the yard. The best thing about such a large scale design is that it requires no digging, no electricity and can be installed in only a short period of time.

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Jonathan Gal is a solar lighting expert and owner of YCA Solar Lights, an organization dedicated to promoting clean, energy efficient outdoor solar lights usage. To find out more about how solar technology is changing the way we live, especially with respect to lighting, you are invited to visit Jonathan's Solar Lighting site:

Solar Landscape Lighting Is Saving Money While Being Environment Friendly


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Using solar power to light up your outdoors is a very wise thing to do. Consider how much money you will save on your next electricity bill and still be able to decorate and light up more by harnessing the power of the sun. Solar landscape lighting is a growing trend and for good reason. The solar lights are very simple to install and you can use them to light up your deck, garden, and pathways.

Lighting up your outdoor deck or patio used to require many hours of tedious installation efforts. Everything from mounting large fixtures to running the long cords and wires was included. In addition, you had to set up timers or switches to turn them off and on. Sure the lights would look good once you have finished the installation but maintenance and money were a big reason why traditional deck lighting is going fast out of style.

Today solar deck lighting will save you hours of installation and maintenance as well as money. All you are required to do is screw the small fixtures in. No need to ever worry about cords or switches. The sun powers the lights and they turn on and off automatically when it gets dark and light out.

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Solar path lighting works much the same way. You will never have to dig up your ground to lay and hide wiring. Simply take the solar path lights and push them in the ground, installation done! The solar path lights also will require no switches and they will usually light up the path for up to twelve hours!

Another popular use for solar lights is for your garden. Gardens are usually pretty far away from any power sources, so lighting up gardens at night used to be a big pain in the behind. Today, solar power garden lights can be installed at a very low cost and will add beauty to your garden simply because it can now be seen at night! Solar landscape lighting is becoming very popular just for this reason. You don't have to be rich anymore to light up your beautiful garden and landscaping. Show it off at night!

The use you will get out off all your outdoor solar lights are abundant. With the ease and convenience it takes to push these solar lights in the ground and light up anything you want at night, all household owners and renters alike should be buying them like mad. And the cost it takes to do so will not set you back more than a couple of hundred dollars max.
Solar landscape lighting is a wonderful invention and will only become more and more popular as the years go by. It would be wise to order some now while the prices are generally low.

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