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Njutrino-The Safest And Reliable Web Browser

            If you are worried that your privacy isn’t secured while surfing the web, then worry no more. Njutrino is a browser that has a very high security and privacy levels. All traffic created by Njutrino is encrypted and routed through an in-process SSH tunnel, which means that users will no longer have to worry about firewalls, monitoring, filtering and spoofing. It also incorporates a unique visual security features that will hide itself from the desktop.

            If your government / ISP / school is blocking access to some site, like facebook and others, this is easily bypassed through Njutrino’s SSH tunnel, where you can securely tunnel out of your network and enjoy an unmonitored, encrypted and unrestricted connection.

            With Njutrino’s secure SSH tunnel, it ensures that no websites are blocked, no one can monitor your access, and no one can steal your data.

            If you are in fear of censorship and monitoring, Njutrino is not blocked. It is one of the safest and most reliable ways to experience the full uncensored and unmonitored internet freedom. It would enable to unblock  blocked sites  too.

            Even WebSense – one of the largest maintainers of content filtering software cannot stop Njutrino.  Njutrino can unblock the websites that WebSense has blocked.

             For those who are in fear of WebSense reporting, then fear not. You can install on a USB key and browse in securely. Njutrino can run as a portable application – launched from your USB flash drive, leaving no tracks and no installation needed.

              Njutrino isn’t using a proxy server. It encrypts all traffic over a single SSH tunnel. All traffic is RSA encrypted within the browser before it is transmitted to Njutrino’s secure servers. A proxy server can be detected, but Njutrino can’t be detected. With a variety of cutting-edge technology, Njutrino ensures the ultimate privacy, security and secrecy.

              So what are you waiting for? If you fear that your internet activities are being logged or monitored, or if you are unable to access some site contents due to firewall or location restrictions, or if you are connected over an unsecure network, or if you want to stay anonymous while using the internet, then Njutrino is the web browser for you!


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Njutrino is a portable browser with built in SSH tunnel and advanced security features. For secure anonymous browsing, avoiding firewalls, monitoring & filtering. It can  unblock blocked websites.

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