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Autoblog with WordPress Syndication Plug-in

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WordPress Syndication Plug-in

Are you tired of posting your articles to different blog sites taking from you most of your valuable time only to receive nothing in return but stress? Did it ever occur in your mind that there could be some automation tool somehow somewhere? Have you ever yearned for automatic posting to your WordPress blog from an RSS, ATOM, or other XML feed? If you strongly desired to find the answers, then your instinct has led you to the right place. Let me introduce you to a new WordPress syndication plug-in I named WPSYNIT.

WordPress Syndication with WPSYNIT

WPSYNIT stands for WordPress Auto Syndication Tool which is a product of dedication and hardwork in order to increase website traffic. Powered by WordPress, this great automation system builds your backlinks in just minutes! This WordPress syndication plug-in allows you to publish your articles in high authority sites, returning to you over 200 backlinks from WordPress blogs and social networks. You can check your backlinks live from the list of backlinks URL supplied to you via email. There you go, your autoblogging is done!

Syndication Plug-in

As you generate backlinks through this WordPress syndication plug-in you are gradually increasing your SEO ranking. WPSYNIT lets you publish your posts daily, creating RSS feeds and pinging your articles on a daily basis. WordPress makes it easier to create a blog post with syndication in the most efficient manner possible, and you have the option to subscribe to other WordPress blogs and have their posts integrated into your own blog posts seamlessly. This creates a win-win atmosphere between you and other bloggers. While this entitles you to give credit to the original author, you are simultaneously adding the number of regular posts to your website which helps increase SEO rankings with more frequent updates.

WordPress Syndication Plug-in

To elaborate further on how WordPress syndication works for WPSYNIT, here’s a hint: you must have an article (either one you have written or that which you have outsourced). WPSYNIT takes your article, spins it to make unique, and posts each spun article automatically to different WordPress article directories and social networks. To determine whether your submissions are successful will be verified once you receive an email indicating the URL of the backlinks acquired from over 200 trustworthy sites.

WPSYNIT Syndication Plug-in

You can’t find any other WordPress syndication plug-in other than WPSYNIT. As there are yet many other tools for link building swamping the competition arena, nothing works like this new WordPress syndication tool.  The benefits that WPSYNIT offers are much of a reward rather than a cost, more of an asset than a liability. You can’t create more than 200 backlinks in minutes. You’re not even sure if your link requests will be granted or denied. And if in case granted, you may not even be assured whether these backlinks come from high authority sites (you can only verify when you do pre-qualification, i.e., site evaluation as to relevancy, dofollow, page rank, etc., prior to requesting to link). But, with WPSYNIT you’re definite to obtain quality backlinks!

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