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Spokane WA list of bad credit apartments, no credit check or broken lease apartments

Want to rent an apartment, townhouse or condo in Spokane WA but have been denied due to credit or rental history issues? This has become a disturbing trend in recent years as laws change and the leasing offices routinely conduct credit checks and broken lease checks on potential tenants.  The result off course has been a degree of frustration. Applicants with bad credit, a broken lease, a felony, misdemeanor, no job (no proof of income), bankruptcy or foreclosure have been forced to look for what is known as second chance apartments in Spokane WA. But before you get frustrated, here are a few points to consider.

List of Spokane WA no credit check apartments

Be prepared. Draw a list of wants and requirements that you want in an apartment. For instance, what is the size of the apartment you're looking for? How about commuting distance from work? Then there are aspects of the apartment itself such as; do you want an all-utilities paid apartment with free cable or washer/dryer connection? How about a fireplace, patio etc? Then remember to settle on a budget.

The next stage is doing your research. This means looking for the second chance apartments that will rent to you despite your credit problems. One way to find them is to look in the Internet. In many cases these apartments do not like to advertize. But the Internet can unearth a few units that may be willing to discuss renting to you despite your situation. Another option you can explore is apartment locators but not all of them can help. You might want to look for  bad credit apartment specialists since these specizalize primarily in apartments that rent to sublime applicants.  It also does not hurt to look for apartments in magazines and rental property publications many of which are free and can be located in most major magazine stands. 

Once you have located an apartment, its time to prepare your paperwork. This is also very important.  Fill out the application correctly and do not lie on the application.  Also be prepared to show proof of income and proof of employment.

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