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Steve Soto: Tattoo Convention Assen

Steve Soto: Tattoo Convention Assen

Steve Soto was born on July 3, 1979. He is the eldest of four children of Mexican parents.

Steve recalled that he always had a passion for art, he was always drawing and very happy at school noticed that he was also very good, especially portraits. He grew up in an environment with lots of gangs and crime, but managed not to get entangled in. After several courses and jobs, the need for making art always with him stuck, he decided himself to go deeper into the tattooing and got an internship at a local tattoo parlor. Here he showed that tattooing was very good. In no time he made great things. Portraits, black and gray, realism, it was him really well! In no time, Steve had a waiting time for its customers. Steve began by pulling the country with his great friend Joe Solomon and after five years traveling and working hard, he had 200 tattoo awards. Steve Soto has been found in dozens of magazines, sells his art worldwide and owns Goodfellas Tattoo Art & Design Studio in Orange California.
Steve Soto: Tattoo Convention Assen
The work of Steve Soto Phenomenally, and will soon be seen in the Netherlands.

Because he is also 9.10, and 11 September at Assen Tattoo Convention, where he was one of the many big international tattoo artists will be. Artists from all over the world, you can use them at work in Assen.

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