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Dragon Ball Tattoos

Dragon Ball Tattoos

You know the world of tattoos is a great unknown, as are the characters in cartoons or anime. We have seen parading through this page tattoos cartoon dolls and cartoons. Today is the turn of the popular cartoon "Dragon Ball", who knew how to make a child or several children not so much that even today are considered followers of this saga. But ... Also you may not know who they are. Do not worry, soon I'll tell you a little more of this story.

Dragon Ball Tattoos

Dragon Ball is a story in Asia is known as the Manga, whose creator Akira Toriyama. In the beginning was issued in weekly magazines that were then gaining more independence to be published as a book only. The 42 volumes later be adapted into two anime series that were produced by the company "Toei Animation", these are: Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Obviously the commercial world and the "merchandise" was not out of this. Soon the film market plagued products like trading cards, dolls, scale and countless video games.

Dragon Ball Tattoos

This plot combines martial arts and friendship, narrated the adventures of Son Goku the main character from childhood to be an adult. Its mission is to explore the world in order to find the seven objects known as "Dragon Ball" later that they can grant a wish. In this way no shortage of friends and villains.

Are you interested? Enough to get a Dragon Ball Tattoos? Let's look at this gallery of characters who decided to mark their skin with ink anime .

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