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Resources launches NEW daily deals INNOVATION for local businesses

1888 PressRelease - Localplicity has launched a NEW concept in daily deals management and marketing! With lower transaction fees merchants can offer more discounts for their products and services and still make more net profits. Localplicity offers the ability for merchant to use their own merchant account and can collect their money in 24-48 hours!

Tampa, Florida - announces the launch of its NEW daily deals marketplace for small business merchants. Localplicity has created a NEW concept is deals marketing for the web with notable differences from the other major daily deals sites like Groupon and Living Social.

Lower transaction Fees! Make more net profits

Localplicity's ENTERPRISE class software allows the deals merchant to create, promote and sell their OWN deals at a fraction of the cost of other major deals websites. Localplicity charges $29.99 per month plus a 5% percent transaction fee, opposed to other major deals sites that take as much as 40% to 60% percent of every sale.

Offer more money OFF your deal promotions and make MORE profits

Because Localplicity ONLY charges a 5% transaction fee per sale you can give much larger discounts for your daily deals without losing valuable profits. Why pay 40%-60% to other deals sites when you can keep that money and use it to market your own deals and keep more of your own money.

Use your own merchant account, get paid in 24-48 hours.

Localplicity deals merchants can use their own merchant account and collect their money in 24-48 hours unlike other major daily deals sites that promote your deals, collect your money and make you wait as long as 30 days to get paid for all your deal transactions. With Localplicity you can connect your merchant account gateway and SSL and process your own orders, collect the money and we charge you 5% transaction fee per sale at the end of each month after you have already collected your funds!

Sell your daily deals, coupons and vouches on mobile smart phones and tablets

Localplicity marketplace is mobile responsive and allows your customers to purchase deals, coupons and vouches on the device that people use the most, their cell phones! With localplicity mobile checkout you can promote your deals to everyone within your cell phone address book making mobile promotion of your daily deals a snap!

Facebook Automation - Send your daily deals to your Facebook page AUTOMATICALLY!

Localplicity daily deals system allows you to connect to your Facebook page and send your daily deals, promotions, coupons and vouchers to your Facebook page on AUTO-PILOT! Sit back and relax while Localplicity delivers your offers on Facebook and the Localplicity marketplace.

Promote your daily deals on your own website!

Localplicity offers the ability to generate codes that allow you to place your deals promotions on your website. Localplicity's brand free web connect tool allows you to place your daily deals on your OWN website without the Localplicity navigation! The localplicity system works just like a shopping cart and can be updated on your website in real time.

Real time deals management and dashboard analytics

Localplicity provides a comprehensive deals dashboard for you to manage ALL of your daily deals easily! With valuable marketing insights you can improve the performance of your deals marketing campaigns with our analytics dashboard and control center.

About Localplicity

Localplicity is a full service web design and development firm that works with small, medium and large local businesses. Localplicity develops innovative solutions for today's technology industry, bringing new marketing techniques, sales concepts and combining them with technology.

Localplicity primary focus is to set new standards of excellence and benchmark outside the box and bring AMAZING innovations to your fingertips. We live, breathe and are passionate about our product lines an ONLY offer the best customer experience and radical support for our programs and software.

Robert Russo / President
Localplicity LLC
admin ( @ ) localplicity dot com

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