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New Rehearsal Application Revolutionizes Play Development

1888PressRelease - The latest version of the Scriptopia rehearsal app is being used by Director Wes Gratom in the production of Lone Star Spirits. Artists say they have more time to be creative and collaborative, resulting in a better experience for the audience.

New York, NY - Scriptopia today announced availability of the latest release of its online rehearsal application, version 2.0. The software is used by theater groups to increase collaboration and creativity during play readings and rehearsals. Version 2.0 is available immediately and offers new features for remote team members, personal annotations, and usage in facilities with sporadic access to the internet.

"Scriptopia has been an essential tool during our development of Lone Star Spirits", said Wes Grantom, Director for the new play written by Josh Tobiessen. "Because our playwright, Josh Tobiessen, works remotely away our Manhattan production location, we needed a way to integrate him with the creative process. Scriptopia was the only product we knew of that would make this possible."

Scriptopia 2.0 provides real-time capabilities for working with team members, whether they are located all in the same room or working remotely around the world. Private messaging allows a playwright to communicate with the director as well as make updates to scripts without interrupting rehearsals. Other creative team members can also communicate electronically based on their role in a production.

Scriptopia 2.0 also includes capabilities for rehearsing in facilities with sporadic access to the internet, which is commonplace in the theaters of Manhattan and other areas. With the ability to automatically sense network connections and only release updates when connections are available, Scriptopia can be used continually, further enhancing collaboration and giving teams more time to be creative.

"The fundamental premise of Scriptopia is to give theater groups more time to be productive with the very limited resources they often have," said Kay Matschullat, founder and CEO of Scriptopia, and a director herself. "Unlike other software that is often unusable when connections to the internet are unstable, Scriptopia had to be designed in such a way that users could remain productive and creative independent of the underlying technology."

Wes Grantom, who is also Artistic Director for Crowded Outlet, a Manhattan-based theatrical group, believes the Scriptopia product has made his work with Lone Star Spirits a more entertaining production for the public due to Scriptopia's ability to give more time for creativity versus photocopying updates to scripts. Artists are all on the same page and can stay in the flow while rehearsing.

"Using Scriptopia, we never had to stop during rehearsals for script changes, blocking notes, or flipping through pages of paper. The end result is a more creative and exciting performance the public will certainly appreciate," said Grantom.

Scriptopia 2.0 is available now from the company's website, Lone Star Spirits will opens June 3, 2016, and will be presented at the 4th Street Theatre through June 19. Tickets are available on the Crowded Outlet website at

Scriptopia is a product of Dramatic Innovation Software, a company dedicated to helping make performance more creative through technology. We think the entertainment industry is ready for small steps into a connected world where actors, directors, producers, and all participants can collaborate in a more effective way resulting in better, more creative productions.

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