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Basic Factors to Consider When Choosing Wood for Log House Construction

A log house is as strong as the wood used to construct it. Though it is hard to determine which wood species is better than the other, some wood species are certainly better when used for construction in certain aspects than others. However, what really dictates which species is better than the other is the aspect one considers most important.

What factors should you consider when choosing a wood species to be used in construction?

Physical appearance

We all have personal tastes on how we like our houses to look. Different species have different physical appearance right from when the log house is new. With time the house also continues to change in appearance due to weathering. Additionally, some species change their appearance when preservatives are applied on their surface. Choosing the wood species that best fits your taste ensures that the log house appears exactly how you would like.

Resistance to decay

Log houses are more prone to decay than conventionally built houses. Some species resist decay and termite infestation more than others. Though there are available methods to stop decay and keep termites at bay, choosing species that have a higher resistance to decay is better. However, this factor should not overly influence your decision on the species to be used for construction. If you prefer a species having a low resistance to decay, you can simply choose to treat it though this will add to your construction cost.

The cost

Some wood species are more expensive than others. Most home owners have tight budgets for log house construction and want to stick to it as much as possible. Going for a wood species that is expensive could upset your budget by tremendously raising the cost of construction. It is necessary to ensure that the cost of the species you choose is within your budget. The cost of wood sometimes depends on availability; going for readily available species might help keep your budget low.  

The woods stability

Naturally wood shrinks wraps and twists. This tendency varies form one species of wood to another. Tree species that are considered stable have a lower inclination to twisting and shrinking. However, there are industrial procedures to make wood more stable that can be applied. However this procedure will raise the cost of construction it is therefore advisable to go for those species that are naturally more stable.

Whether you choose to personally construct your log house or to hire a construction company, you need to be sure of the wood species to be used in the construction. Go for the species that meets your needs for more satisfactory results. If you are not sure consult with your construction company. With a good company like Coppola Cabins, you will be offered professional advice to help you identify the wood species best suits your needs.

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