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To 5 Digital Publishing Tools for Publishing Online Magazines

There are many digital magazine publishing tools on the market, which one you are using currently?
Publishers are always seeking for the best digital publishing software in order to create the best digital editions for the global or local audiences. We searched the tools on digital publishing market and found various programs for doing this. If you are still seeking for a tool, you may find one of the following option is your right choice.

Top 5 Digital Magazine Publishing Tools for Editors or Writers
1. Adobe Digital Publishing Suit
Adobe Digital Publishing Suit is a famous program for publishing digital magazines that it offers users a convenient and professional way in epublishing. Users can publish content with interactivities such as video, audio, slideshow. The published content are viewable on iOS devices, Android devices as well as Microsoft Windows devices. Besides, the software has a built-in analytics tool with which users can track the interactivity of published magazines. Though the software is powerful in digital publishing area, it's affordable for only few publishers.

2. Issuu
Issuu is another online publishing platform which offers both free and paid publishing service. Users can upload PDF for making digital magazines of turning pages. The digital editions made by the free account will be showing on website with advertisements. The published magazines will be enriched with 2d page flipping effect which makes magazines look like a printed book.

3. PressPad
PressPad is a web-based publishing solution for digital publishers. There's no need to install any software. Instead, users can log in to its website to import well-designed PDF files for generating online publications. The published magazines are readable on iOS and Android devices. PressPad offers both free and paid service. However, there is sales commission on ebook which are published with free service.

4. Blue Toad
Blue Toad can transfer any uploaded PDF magazine into reader-friendly magazines which are viewable on any device such as mobile phones, tablets, laptop and desktop. Ebook publishers can connect with ebook subscribers with email. Its service is charged by per page. If you have a digital magazine with hundreds of pages, the publishing fee would be a large sum. Its cheapest package is $4 for one page.

5. Kvisoft FlipBook Maker
Different from web-based publishing platform, this one is a desktop digital publishing software that users need to install it for publishing digital magazines. Once users bought the software, there will be no other charges to create unlimited magazines. The software can convert imported PDF, PPT, Word, images, SWF and etc into digital page turning magazines. Users can choose to publish magazine in web-friendly HTML magazine, publish magazine as APP or EXE and etc. The software offers in 3 versions: standard($97), professional($297) and enterprise($1299).

There are many more digital magazine software all over the world. So have you tried any of the above tool? You may already have your preferred tool for creating digital editions. Let's look forward to more innovative tools for epublishing.

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The author is a writer of who is interested in nature, animals, digital publishing and etc. Kvisoft offers digital flipbook software which is named page flip software. It converts PDF to flash magazines for presenting digital flyers, ebooks, reports, magazines and etc more amazingly with flippable pages.

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