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Prospects while Migrating from Lotus to Outlook Platform

Conversion from IBM Lotus Notes to MS Outlook is a big decision and the reason behind such migration is that the organizations want to keep the communication cost economical. During migration, the major challenge involves conversion of large databases from one platform to another while saving the integrity and security of data elements. While converting data from Lotus to Outlook, the main requirement is to save the PST files into limited volume so that if any of the files gets corrupted; the overall data would not get affected.

Ideal Requirements while Migrating from NSF to PST

The major requirements while migrating from NSF to PST are as under:

1)  Conversion of large databases while saving internal attributes of the data components.
2)  Storing contacts into single file as well as conversion to both ANSI and UNICODE type PST files.
3)  Conversion of selected data while eliminating translation of unnecessary mailbox components.
4)  Conversion of encrypted NSF items to the Outlook PST by removing the encrypted codes.

Migration through Manual Conversion Procedure

The only advantage offered by Manual conversion approach is that it is the most economical way to transmit data from one platform to another. However, it does not ensure the integrity of fundamental components and there are high possibilities of data loss. Moreover, these procedures do not offer various features such as export of selected data; encrypted data; conversion of batch files, etc. Therefore, they are considered more time consuming as well as complex way to Transfer Lotus to Outlook.

Conversion via Commercial Migration Solution

Another way to transfer data from NSF databases to the PST mailboxes is the commercial converter tool. It is in fact, the most reliable and accurate way of transmitting databases. The commercial tools are integrated with advance programming mechanisms that deliver accurate results and output. These tools offer all ideal features that a user can expect while migrating huge databases. Data stored in the mailboxes are crucial and can be required for future reference or analysis, so one must not compromise with its security and integrity.

Tool that Accommodates all Ideal Requirements

Export Notes is a converter tool that offers migrating large NSF databases to the PST file format; thus providing conversion from Lotus to Outlook. This tool enables performing batch migration and provides benefit to save the resultant files at user defined location on machine. It is assembled with powerful email filters that help migrating essential data while excluding other data components to the PST files. It also supports conversion of encrypted NSF files to the PST format, making them accessible in Outlook. Therefore, this tool serves the overall conversion benefits to the users while delivering supplementary advantages.

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Company has set a benchmark in providing quality tools for Windows based environment. Export Notes is among the well renowned products that provides complete solution for Lotus to Outlook Migration.

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